About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

Monique Worthy is a 30 year old (conservative) Republican. Born in Wichita Falls, TX; Raised in Fort Worth, TX. 

She is a fierce conservative who loves politics more than anything other than God and her family. She first took an interest in politics during the 2007-08 elections that would see Barack H. Obama as the 44th president. 

Being incarcerated, Monique began to listen to talk radio (she is quite a big fan of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Robert Pratt of Pratt on Texas (a local station) She has become the most educated person on politics in her circle of family and friends. Any time a friend or family member has a question about politics she is the first they ask.

She loves talking politics to anyone who will hear her, loves working with children, while at the same time teaching them the greatness of their country. She will tell you her sexuality has nothing to do with her politics. But, is a plus when it comes to people complaining about - how “not so” diverse - the Republican Party is. 

People have often called her a walking contradiction: “that one could be LGBT, black, poor, and a felon… inside the Republican Party?” She would always tell them she is for the good of ALL American’s not just LGBT, blacks, or poor people. She is not afraid, ashamed or quiet about her past, doesn’t hold back on anything, very open and doesn’t mind a fight and loves a good debate. 

She hates to be called African-American and will tell you in a New York second, that she has never been to Africa, doesn’t know what Africa looks like except for on a map. She is American - UNHYPHENATED. 

She is ALL about politics, ALL the time, some would tell you she breathes, eats, drink, and sleep politics. It’s all that’s around her every day. Close friends would tell you: “all Monique listens to is church music and politics”… She has been told she has an old soul, she has been called the “youngest granny I know” by one of her close friends. Friends would get in her car and ask to listen to the radio, when she turns it on, its politics… They would ask: “is this all you listen to?” To which her reply would be something like: “don’t complain, this is probably the most you’ll be educated today…hush, listen and ride…take away some knowledge.” She doesn’t mince words, doesn’t hide feelings, loves speaking her mind and doesn’t mind losing a few friends over her “right-flank” politics.

Attended Everman Joe C. Bean and Fossil Ridge High schools in the Fort Worth area and graduated from Tulsa Job Corps in Tulsa, Oklahoma.