Where Does Monique stand on the Issues?


The Constitution

The Constitution is the heart of our nation and as such, is vital to our nations survival. There are those who would wish to do nothing more than to get rid of it. But, as long as there are constitutional conservatives out there to defend it, we shall defend it. I intend to do just that. 

Budgets & Spending

Growing up with little to no money teaches you how to value what you have and to live within your means. The government has no money except the money it gets from the citizens. If we have to live within our means, should not the government do the same? If we don't have it, we don't spend it. We can't just go to the bank or our neighbors for that matter and demand that we get more of what they themselves have earned. Why is it O.K. for the government to do that? It is not. It is time that we send representatives to Washington that understands that and to tame the spending, bringing the government to heel. 

Educational Reform

Education is vital to a nations viability in the modern world. As long as government bureaucrats are controlling our children's destiny with useless programs, useless studies, and no real substantive, job related, skilled trade producing, educational standards, education will be backwards. That is why I support getting the Feds out of education PERIOD!. Washington D.C. has no reason to be deciding our children's educational standards. This is also why I support school choice. Why should children from one neighborhood be subject to bad schools in one area, while other children get the best of education in another? If a parent so chooses to send their child to a much better school outside of their district, I think that should be no problem.  

Welfare Reform

I do not believe that welfare should be a permanent solution for those who are able bodied. Welfare should be temporary - except - for Elderly and disabled people who aren't capable of taking care of themselves. Yes, people fall on hard times. That is understandable, you fall down, you get help up, dust yourself down, and go at it again. That said, I support a drastic reformation of welfare. 

Legal/Illegal - Immigration

I support legal immigration as long as you plan to contribute to our society. America has it's own problems with homelessness, poverty and people trying to climb out of poverty. We can't help them if we are helping you. If you plan on coming here for our "generous" welfare system that is anything but "generous" to our own needy, you have another thought coming. NO, NO, and NO! As far as Illegal immigration, I support the wall and will NOT vote for a budget that does not contribute to the wall. I do NOT, will NOT, and have never supported illegal immigration. If you are here illegally, you must leave and come back the right way. Simple as that.  

Military and our Vets

Our military should and will always be the most premier fighting force on the planet. Second to none. No, we are not the world's police - But, as luck would have it, we have interests all over the world - And, as long as we have those interests we should do whatever it takes to protect those interests. A strong military deters aggression. This is why I believe we should have the most advanced technology out there, with the most advanced fighting force, to deter any would be aggressors. That said, we should take care of our Vets just as well as congress takes care of themselves. Our vets should never have a want/need for anything when they've given their all to defend us. This is why I support President Trump's initiative to allow our vets to seek help/services outside of the VA. I will never support a budget that in anyway cut our military's budget. The federal government's first and most important job is to protect and defend our land from any aggressor. And, we can not do that if would be servicemen pass on serving their country because they see what is happening to the vets of yesteryear and wish not to end up in the same situation. We can not do that if they see that we tie their hands so much as they would be scared to make an honest mistake. If we protect them they will protect us. I intend to do just that.